Lounge Pug™ Cloud Collection Memory Foam beanbags are the ultimate bean bags for your chill out living space. Filled with luxurious high quality memory foam pieces, these bean bags will cocoon you in blissful comfort from the moment you sit on it.

The C75-L is the footstool we have designed to complement the larger C250, C500 & C1000-L Cloud Collection bean bags.

Made of soft faux fur fabric, it will wrap your feet in blissful comfort.

Lounge Pug beanbags are proudly designed in GREAT BRITAIN.


  • Accessory for the C250, C500 & C1000-L bean bags
  • Filled With memory foam
  • Designed with children in mind
  • Extra soft faux fur fabric
  • Knitted stretch fibres give added wraparound comfort
  • Strong elasticity
  • Fire retardant
  • Includes a heavy duty removable inner bag
  • Manufactured & designed in Britain
  • Knitted in England
  • 0n trend


*The stated measurements are approximate.

  • C75L: 35cm Diameter x 70cm Long